Heavy lift transport

Premium Trans is specialized in transporting heavy-lift and oversized loads. Our daily work includes planning, organising and executing special transport. This also includes special permits for oversized load, approvals, route research and loading operations. Long experience in the field and highly skilled operators means we can offer customers convenience, safe and friendly service. In the end – clients machinery arrives to destination on-time and without any damages.

We work with different companies in different fields – forestry, agricultural, mining and road construction companies are our everyday clients. Therefore – both local and international transport of harvesters, combines, asphalt pavers, road rollers and even mining equipment is what we are specialized for.

Forestry and agriculture

Harvesters and other forestry equipment do not move from one logging site to another on their own, especially if they are in different parts of the country. Same is with combine harvesters and tractors. We help to transport necessary large and heavy equipment safely to the next work site.

Road construction

Bulldozers, road rollers, asphalt pavers and other road construction machinery must be on-site on-time in order to stay on schedule. We make sure that the necessary equipment is available on site on time.

Quarries and mining

Heavy machinery and special equipment is not designed to move between mines and quarries. Save time and valuable resources with reliable partner who is specialized in heavy machinery transport.

Reliable partner – less downtime and lower costs

For Premium Transport, no load is too heavy or the destination is too far. We are confident that your shipment will be delivered in a secure and safe manner.┬á Contact us and we’ll help you find the best solution.