Heavy goods vehicles

Premium Trans is not just a transport company. We are specialists in the organisation of heavy haulage and transcontinental transport. Our day-to-day work consists of transport planning, coordinating permits and, of course, organising transport. Our long experience in this special transport sector means that we are able to offer our customers a comfortable, safe and reliable service. The result is that your heavy goods vehicles are well organised and in safe hands.

In the heavy haulage sector, our clients are companies with different profiles and from different sectors. Our services are mainly needed in forestry, agriculture, road construction and the mining industry. We can help you transport combines, forestry machinery, asphalt tractors, road rollers and other large machines safely to their destination.

Forestry and agriculture

Harvesters and other equipment do not move from one clearing to another under their own power, especially if they are in different parts of the country. Similarly, combine harvesters or other agricultural machinery cannot make long journeys on their own. We can help you safely move the large and heavy equipment you need to the next job site.

Road construction

Bulldozers, road rollers, asphalt shovels and other machinery needed to build roads must get from their home base to the site on time to keep the work on schedule. We make sure that the necessary equipment is on site on time.

Mining and quarries

Heavy and bulky specialised equipment is not designed to move between mines. That’s where special transport comes in, safely delivering the necessary machinery to the right site.

A safe partner, safely executed heavy goods vehicles

In addition, our customers include companies in other sectors that often or occasionally need to transport large, oversized and heavy machinery and objects both in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe. For Premium Trans, no load is too big or destination too far. With us, you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive safely and securely on time. Contact us and we will find the most suitable solution for you.