The Premium Trans fleet consists of a 6×2 Scania heavy-duty truck with a bridge lift and an extended lowbed trailer. In addition, we can also offer a service in the form of a 5-bridge “jumbo” and an extendable “wing carrier” semi-trailer. In 2023, our fleet will also be expanded with an 8×4 bridge truck and a 250-tonne push/pull heavy-duty truck. We also offer an accompanying car service – click HERE for more information.

Truck: MAN TGX 28.500

Make, model: MAN TGX 28.500
Year of release: 2019
Engine: Euro6 compliant 500hp/2500Nm
Authorised weight: 65 tonnes

Treiler: Cheese drill SLL3

Make, model: Kässbohrer SLL3 low-bed treiler
Hydraulically swivelling backrests, additional height and rotation adjustment of the bridges from a separate wireless remote control. Independent air-suspension rear axles provide ideal stability for heavy loads, even in difficult road conditions. The loading section of the trailer is extendable up to 13.4 metres, with an additional 4.2 metres of extra length in the form of a rear platform.
Year of production: 2019
Country of manufacturer: Germany
Load capacity: up to 38 tonnes
Platform height above ground: 325 mm (vehicle height).
Internal platform dimensions: 8000 mm; extendable up to 5400 mm; total length on internal platform up to 13 400 mm.
Length of upper part of platform: 4300 mm
Width of platform: 2540 mm, plus side rails 440 mm. Overall width with extensions 2980 mm. In addition, on request, side flanges that allow the width of the trailer to be increased to 3500 mm.
Loading height above ground: 33 cm

Kässbohrer SLL3 dimensions:

Trailer: Nooteboom OVB-55-03V

Make, model: Nooteboom OVB-55-03V extendable trailer
Country of manufacturer: the Netherlands
Load capacity: up to 34 tonnes
Platform height: 1500 mm (vehicle height).
Platform dimensions: 13450 mm; extendable to 15400 mm; total length on platform up to 29000 mm
Platform width: 2520 mm

Nooteboom OVB-55-03V dimensions:

Trailer: Nooteboom OSD-85-05V "Jumbo"

Make, model: Nooteboom OSD-85-05V “jumbo” trailer
Country of manufacturer: the Netherlands
Load capacity: up to 60 tonnes
Platform height above ground: 900 mm (vehicle height)
Platform dimensions: lower loading section 8800 mm, extendable up to 14 800 mm
Platform width: 2520 mm

Nooteboom OSD-85-05V dimensions:

Obviously You value goods that needs to be transported highly and therefore equipment used to deliver customers goods have to meet highest standards. It is up to you – to pay some twenty cents less per kilometer and take a risk with old depreciated trailer / equipment, or to assess our contribution as an expert transport provider and have a piece of mind that goods arrive to destination safely.

Premium Trans serves all customers – whether it is a one-time heavy transport or oversized transport, or we cooperate for a long time in arranging specific loads. For us, no cargo is too big or the destination is too far away. Contact us and we will find the most suitable solution for you.