Premium Trans is a transport company specialized in heavy machinery, special machinery and construction machinery transport. Our fleet includes new and completely unique low-bottom trailer, with which we can offer a very comprehensive transport service for both heavy and oversized loads.

Planning and execution of heavy-lift and oversized transport must be well-executed chain of different actions which starts at the offcice with analyzing and route planning and risk assesment, and ends with flawless execution by driver and operator. Neither we nor the client wants to see downtime or obstacles in the work – neither in domestic nor in international transport. The saying “the ship is not waiting” has a completely different meaning in our work, and therefore we take every customer, every order and every shipment extremely seriously and organize it by thoroughly analyzing every detail.

  • Oversized and oversized loads
  • Special equipment transport
  • Transport of agricultural and forestry machinery
  • Transportation of prefabricated and modular houses and structural steel products
  • Transport of metal structures
  • Coordination of necessary special permits
  • Escort car readiness
  • Transport route preplanning
  • Planning of loading works in necessary
  • Transportation both in Estonia and in rest of Europe
  • CMR insurance for cargo

New machinery

Premium Trans uses a unique low-bed trailer with 325 mm loading height. This ensures significantly safer loading and unloading and transport of your heavy loads thanks to a lower center of mass compared to conventional rear-loading heavy-duty trailers and flatbed trailers with a loading height of 900 mm.

Why risk loading and unloading your equipment “up high” when you can do it with 3x less risk!

Cargo insurance

We have CMR insurance, new and working equipment, verified fasteners and transportation is performed by a driver with long-term experience. This gives you, as a customer, a sense of security in the form of your cargo reaching its destination.

No load is too heavy, no destination too far

For Premium Trans, it does not matter how much load needs to be transported. Whether your goods are combine harvesters, tractors, buckets, belt tractors, harvesters, road rollers, modular houses, wind generators or other special equipment – Premium Trans makes your heavy and large loads small and light and takes you safely to your destination in Estonia or elsewhere in Europe.