Brand new extendable lowbed trailer and Scania truck combined with experienced team ensures on-time and safe delivery Click here to see our fleet.

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Premium Trans is reliablesafetrustworthy partner in heavy-lift transport.

Special Permits
Pilot Car services

Our Advantages

Our fleet

New trucks and trailers gives us and You peace of mind. No breakdowns or delays due fleet service means Your cargo will arrive on time.

Fast and on-time

Our goal is to provide customers with peace of mind that the necessary equipment is on site on-time.

One-stop solutions

We perform cargo planning, transport permits, etc. to make it easier and worry-free for You.

Experienced team

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A team of specialists means that our service runs smooth and according to plan.

CMR insurance

We can’t foresee the future and plan for every possible scenario, but in order to mitigate some risks from “force majeure”, we have CRM insurance.

Long experience

We have performed special transport, oversized transport and heavy transport service for years.

Located in Tartu

Our home base is in Tartu, Estonia.

Work across Europe

We perform special transports in Estonia, Scandinavian countries, the Baltic states and the rest of Europe.

and more...

Trailer platform load height is only 32.5 cm which means we can haul taller loads without special permits.

Read more about the technical data of the trailer here


Roboust with high standard specifications, Käsbohrer low-bed and low-loaders are ready for delivery, responding swiftly to your needs.

Premium Trans is reliablesafesophisticated partner for You!

Mote than 1000 customers in 7 countries have entrusted us with organizing and execution of special transport, heavy-lift transport and oversized load transport.

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