Oversized load transport

Premium Trans specializes in heavy transport, oversized transport and special transport, offering customers a convenient solution for transport, being a transport manager, project implementer and logistics partner.

In oversized load transport, we offer services for companies with different profiles from different fields. Our services are mainly needed in heavy industry, energy, metal industry and construction. Transporting modular houses, tower cranes cranes, wind generators and other large objects safely to destination is our everyday job.

No customer is too big or too small for us. We serve both one-time customers who need to move single load from point A to point B or those customers who have a constant need to move heavy equipment between objects.

Heavy industry

The equipment needed for heavy industry is often large and it is not reasonable to dismantle it for transport. Autoclaves, oil and gas tanks, production lines and so on – that kind equipment can be safely transported from point A to point B safely,

Energy industry

Wind turbines are not manufactured on site – all these large modules are transported long distances from the factory to the assembly site using special transport. We ensure safe transport of transformers, rotors and impellers to the wind farm.

Metal industry

Often large, prefabricated parts have to be transported from manufactory to customer preassembled, but these parts don’t fit to standard trailer. An experienced transportation partner helps to transport oversized details to destination.


In construction, not everything is done on site. Tower crane parts, large panels etc still need to be transported to the site using special transport as well as all the necessary road construction equipment.

Modular and prefabricated houses

Modular houses and prefabricated houses are popular in Estonia as well as in Scandinavia and rest of Europe. We help to transport modules or entire buildings safely from the factory to the customer, regardless of where the customer is located.

Other areas

Of course, many areas require the occasional or frequent transport of large items that do not fit into standard solutions nor aforementioned categories.

Reliable partner – less downtime and lower costs

Premium Trans serves all customers – whether it is a one-time heavy transport or oversized transport, or we cooperate for a long time in arranging specific loads. For us, no cargo is too big or the destination is too far away. Contact us and we will find the most suitable solution for you.