Heavy transport, oversized transport and special transport organization does not simply consist of loading the goods and hauling to destination. Management of this type of transport requires a precise groundwork, which starts at the office with analysis and planning of the route and risk assesment and ends with the work of the driver and the operator. We don’t want to see downtime nor obstacles in the work – neither in domestic nor in international transport. The saying “the ship is not waiting” has a completely different meaning in our line of work and therefore we take every customer, every order and every shipment extremely seriously and organize it by thoroughly, analyzing every detail.

  Preparations, planning

First step in heavy transport and oversized transport is always planning. What needs to be transported from point A to point B? Loading conditions, load dimensions and weight – these vary a lot depending what is the load. Forestry tractor, truck, modular house module or large grain hopper – different loads demand different approach. Also – is shipment delivered to destination in one piece or is it more reasonable to dismantle it and ship in containers? Contact us and we will find the best answers for all these questions.

Special permits

Driving from point A to point B in a car is easy: as long as the road is usable and road isn’t blocked you will arrive to your destination. Heavier and larger the load is, more aspects has to be taken in consideration in route planning. What is the maximum allowed weight of the freight on the road, whether it is possible to make a turn at intersection or whether the height or width of the load is higher than allowed. Planning the correct route and applying for special permits and approvals is our everyday work. In the end goal is simple – cargo arrives to destination undamaged and on time.

Route planning

Route preparation goes hand in hand with special permits and approvals. Thanks to years-long experience on the field we can assess the situation, accurately plan the route and also anticipate any possible bottlenecks on route. In the end, we can assure that cargo arrives to destination on time, not ending sideways in a ditch nor wedged under overpass.

Pilot car service

Pilot car is not just a vehicle with oversized load sign and flasher that moves in front of the truck. Purpose of the pilot car is to mitigate unexpected hazards that inevitably occur on the road to ensure the smooth and safe movement of cargo from point A to point B.

Main task of pilot car operator is to foresee possible dangers on the route, mitigate those risks and find most viable solutions on the fly. Both the pilot car operator and the truck driver work on the road as a team to ensure that valuable cargo reaches its destination.

International transport

We offer our customers a convenient and flexible service in the field of heavy and oversized transportation. We carry out shipments throughout Europe, regardless of the point of departure and destination. Need to take a tractor / combine from Tartu to Tapa or a grain hopper from Helsinki to Vilnius? Or a different truck from Trondheim to Warsaw? For us, no load is too complicated or a destination too far away.

We are based in Tartu, but we operate in Estonia, rest of Baltic states, Scandinavia and of course rest of Europe.

Freight planning

Thorough loading and route planning preparations, as well as taking all precautions means that the cargo will arrive at the right place on time. We don’t say without reason that the ship is not waiting. We understand the needs and wishes of our customers and know that time is money. Thorough proper training and, of course experienced staff mean that ine the end of day, You can stay on schedule with your work and get the planned work done on time.

Another important aspect of course is that our fleet is new and regularly maintained, we use certified fasteners, so that the planned shipments can be executed on time and safely. Obviously, we all value highly our goods that need to be transported and agree that equipment has to meet highest standards. It is up to you to pay twenty cents less per kilometer and take an excessive risk like unexpected breakdowns with partner who has poorly maintained trucks and trailers. Or, recognize the fact that transportation provider with higher standards will assure that shipment will arrive on time in one piece.