The organisation of heavy haulage, intermodal, trailer and specialised transport is not just a matter of loading the goods and driving to the destination. Transport management of this type of transport requires a precise and firm line, starting with the analysis and planning of the route and the various risks behind the desk and ending with the driver and operator. Neither we, nor the client, want to see any stoppages or obstacles in the work – either for national or international transport. The phrase “the ship doesn’t wait” has a different meaning in our work, and that’s why we take every customer, every order and every shipment extremely seriously and organise it with a thorough analysis of every detail.

Load planning

The very first step in carrying out heavy and oversized goods transport is to plan the load. What is it that needs to be transported from point A to point B? Loading a combine harvester, forestry tractor, lorry, modular shed or large grain bunker, the height and width of the load and its weight vary widely. Whether the shipment is delivered in one piece or whether it is more sensible to dismantle it partially or completely. Put it in a container and send it to its destination? Contact us and we will find the best answers to all these questions for you.

When planning the route of large-scale transports, we use a 3D simulation programme and also carry out preliminary road surveys to ensure that there are no unexpected “obstacles” along the way.

Special authorisations and consents

Getting from point A to point B in a car is easy: as long as the road is passable and there is no curfew, you will get there. The bigger the loads get in terms of size and mass, the more attention needs to be paid to where you can actually drive through. Whether the gross weight of the train is more than the permitted weight on the section of road, whether you can make a U-turn at some junctions, or whether the height or width of the load is greater than the permitted height or width – organising all these approvals and special permits is part of our day-to-day work to ensure that your loads arrive on time.

Route preparations

Route preparation goes hand in hand with special permits and approvals. Thanks to our long-term experience in this field, which also includes several partners, we are able to plan the route of the cargo quickly and accurately and anticipate possible bottlenecks. The result: knowing that your cargo will arrive safely at its destination on time, not stuck under a viaduct or sideways in a ditch.

Satellite car services

The escort vehicle is not just a car with lights and indicators moving ahead/behind the vehicle. The driver of the escort vehicle must be properly trained and certified. In addition, from 2022 onwards, the accompanying vehicle will have to comply with the requirements of the Road Transport and Traffic Act, which means that a “normal vehicle” with a magnetic indicator on the roof will no longer be allowed to be used as an “accompanying vehicle”!

Premium Trans has put a lot of effort into doing things the way they should be done and a little bit more – we now have the highest BF3 standard escort car, which is equipped with the required indicators, radio stations, altitude mast and various work lights, as well as two high-resolution LED monitors on the roof. All this to ensure maximum safety for trucks and fellow road users alike!

The main task of the escort vehicle is to mitigate unexpected hazards that inevitably occur on the road, to ensure the smooth and safe passage of the load from point A to point B, to regulate traffic if necessary and to ensure the smooth and safe passage of the large load.

Both the accompanying vehicle operator and the truck operator work as a team on the road to ensure that the load reaches its destination intact.

International transport

We offer our customers a convenient and flexible service in the field of heavy and oversized goods transport. We carry out transports all over Europe, regardless of origin and destination. Need to move a tractor/combine from Tartu-Tapa or a grain bunker from Helsinki to Vilnius? Or another lorry from Trondheim to Warsaw? For us, no load is too heavy or destination too far.

Our home base is Tartu, but we also carry out transports in Estonia, the other Baltic States, Scandinavia and, of course, elsewhere in Europe.

Transport management

Long preparation in planning the loading and routing of the cargo, and taking all precautions and safety precautions, means that the cargo gets to the right place at the right time. And we don’t say the ship won’t wait for no reason. We understand our customers’ wants and needs, and we know that for you, time is money. At the end of the day, thorough preparation and experienced staff mean that you can stay on schedule with your work and get the planned activities done on time.

Another important aspect is, of course, that our fleet is new and regularly maintained, and that our fastening equipment is certified, so that the planned transports can be carried out safely and on time. Obviously You value goods that needs to be transported highly and therefore equipment used to deliver customers goods have to meet highest standards. It is up to you – to pay some twenty cents less per kilometer and take a risk with old depreciated trailer / equipment, or to assess our contribution as an expert transport provider and have a piece of mind that goods arrive to destination safely.